In today’s episode I am excited to introduce you to  Lara, Divine Theratrix. We go on  a journey in our conversation from death and rebirth rituals to exploring sexuality and gender and finally an introduction to kink and how Lara supports people  with conscious kink education. This is a safe and open conversation about topics you may not normally consider. Come with an open mind, an open heart and open ears to enjoy today’s episode.

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About Lara:
Lara is the Captain of the ship known as Divine Theratrix and is a multi-modality practitioner with a focus on consciously applied kink as a vehicle for exploration.

Divine Theratrix takes explorers to places where they can find the magic that soothes the deepest longings in their hearts.

This magic helps you to:

  • Bring your spiritual and carnal natures together.
  • Connect mind and body.
  • Find your sense of playfulness again.

Connect with Lara:
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About Natasha:
Natasha de Grunwald is a subconscious transformation coach, a mentor, a teacher, trainer, breathwork facilitator and a Mum to a 19 year old daughter. She has been teaching and training and holding space for people in the wellness industry for over 30 years.

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